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Tulip - Leather Needles Middle

Tulip - Leather Needles Middle

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Welcome to Aneka Yarn!

This series of "Hiroshima Needles" meets all needs, from beginners to professionals.

Sewing needles are suitable for sewing thin leather and suede fabrics.

The triangular tip of the needle makes it easy to pass through leather, making it ideal for making leather accessories and bags.

Assortment of thread binding needles suitable for medium-thin, medium-thin, extra-thin and lace threads.

Extra thick thread binding needles are suitable for extra thick threads.

Because the needle tip is rounded, the thread does not break, making it ideal for embroidery threads and finishing and finishing knitting.

Sewing needles, thread binding needles

Middle sewing needle

0.95×45.0 (6pcs)

Because the tip of the needle is triangular and easily penetrates the skin,

Perfect for making leather accessories and bags.

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