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Prym - Stitch Markers Wood / Wooden Knitting Markers

Prym - Stitch Markers Wood / Wooden Knitting Markers

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Heart-shaped stitch markers

Made from untreated, sustainable wood


Quantity 3 pieces

Material Wood, metal

Dimensions 65 mm x 15 mm x 5 mm

These three heart-shaped stitch markers are the ideal gift for knitting enthusiasts and those, who would like to become enthusiasts. Light and flexible in use, they are like "little alarm clocks" in your knitting. When you reach the marked place, you push the marker from the left needle to the right needle and continue knitting. This marks the place in every row or every round. The plastic-coated metal wire ensures a long useful life and thus a great deal of pleasure in your knitting. Pure sustainability: Manufactured from untreated wood, the stitch markers are consistently manufactured in an environmentally-friendly process and delivered in plastic-free packaging made from FSC-certified paper.

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