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Prym - Stitch Markers / Knitting Markers

Prym - Stitch Markers / Knitting Markers

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These small stitch markers by Prym are a big help when it comes to keeping track of things when knitting. These small plastic clips can be gently and easily mounted into the stitch of your choice and make it easier to count stitches and rows when knitting. They are a practical aid for all knitting or sewing patterns, for increases or decreases, and much more. You can just as easily remove them from the stitch to keep track of other areas. The package contains color-sorted stitch markers in red, white, and plum blue. Suitable for yarn thicknesses 2 to 8.

Clips for marking stitches

Suitable for knitting and crocheting

21 units, sorted in three colors

Dimensions 15 mm x 22 mm

Quantity 21 pieces

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