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Prym - Punch Needle / Embroidery Tool / Hand Embroidery / Embroidery Pen / Needles Set

Prym - Punch Needle / Embroidery Tool / Hand Embroidery / Embroidery Pen / Needles Set

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Needle punching is all the rage – the needle punch provides a simple way for everyone, including beginners, to achieve a 3D effect in their embroidery. Thanks to the three needle sets in various gauges, the punch needle is suitable for use with the desired thread or yarn thickness and various fabrics and embroidery canvases. The finest needle point 1.3 mm is suitable for max. three-ply embroidery thread (thread thickness 0-1), the medium-sized needle point 1.6 mm for max. four-ply embroidery thread (thread thickness 1-2) and the thickest needle point 2.2 mm for six-ply embroidery thread and fine woolen yarn (yarn thickness 2-4, eg wool for socks). Each graduation scale on the needle allows you to select the exact depth of the stitch or length of the loop you want and by adjusting the scale you produce almost automatically the three-dimensional surfaces. The handle, with its soft surface, sits comfortably in your hand, so that creating small and fine upcycling projects and more elaborate decorative items becomes an effortless pleasure. The most effective way of securing the reverse side of the embroidered picture is to use textile glue. The pack contains the punch needle, three needle points, one threader and a booklet of detailed instructions. The point protectors, which are also provided, guarantee safe storage of the needle points.

Modern 3D effect for embroidery

Easy to handle

Three different needle attachments with point protector

Detailed instructions

Colourwhite, dark violet

Quantity 1 piece

Dimensions150 mm x 30 mm x 20 mm

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