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Prym - Circular Knitting Needles Set Carbon Arne&Carlos Edition / Carbon Knitting Needles

Prym - Circular Knitting Needles Set Carbon Arne&Carlos Edition / Carbon Knitting Needles

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This limited edition circular knitting needle set makes the ideal thoughtful gift for knitting enthusiasts. We collaborated with famous Norwegian knitting influencers Arne & Carlos to design this gift set with real attention to detail: The picture inside the packaging shows a traditional Norwegian knitting pattern, along with a QR code to download it for yourself. The linked website also features further creative uses for you to try out. The set contains three circular knitting needles from the prym. ergonomics range, popular for its innovative combination of materials. High-quality, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic makes exceptionally lightweight, flexible needles that are also incredibly sturdy. The wool slides smoothly across the circular knitting needles and down onto the purple, plastic-coated steel cable without wrapping round it. Needle sizes: 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.0 mm are all clearly marked on these premium black needles in light gray print for quick recognition. This set is special: There is only a limited number and the circular knitting needles included are not available separately.

Limited edition circular knitting needle gift set

Collaboration with Norwegian knitting influencers Arne & Carlos

Three prym. ergonomics circular knitting needles

High-quality, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic

Plastic-coated steel cable to avoid wrapping

Color: black, lilac

Dimensions: Ø 3 mm x 80 cm; Ø 3.5mm; Ø 4 mm

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