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CATALOG - Mini Amalia Knitting Yarn / Small Chenille Yarn

CATALOG - Mini Amalia Knitting Yarn / Small Chenille Yarn

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Welcome to AnekaBenang!

With a fine, soft and strong thread texture, it makes your knitted work beautiful. This yarn is very suitable for knitting amigurumi, blankets, and winter sweaters.

95% similarity to the original photo, sorry if there is a difference in color due to the effects of photos and light

Size : 3 (DK)

Material: 100% Polyester

Weight: 50 gr

Length: 60 m

Crochet: 4.00mm

Knitting: 3.00mm


*Please take into account the needs of each knitting project. Because if there is not enough thread, the color will not necessarily be the same because there are differences in lots/dyes. even though the color code is the same.

Happy Crafting AnekaBenangLovers!!

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