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CATALOG - Orchid Cones Knitting Yarn / Nylon PP Yarn PART 3

CATALOG - Orchid Cones Knitting Yarn / Nylon PP Yarn PART 3

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Welcome to Anekabenang.

Very quality thread. This thread is very suitable for various bag and wallet projects.

Special prices or Resellers please contact us with a minimum purchase of 50 and 100 rolls.

Photo similarity to original 95%

Net weight: 500 grams

Material: 100% Prolene

Thread Thickness: 3 (DK)

Hakpen: 5/6, 3/4, the smaller the size of the hook, the tighter the knitting will be.

Note: Please take into account the needs of each knitting project. Because if there is not enough thread, the color will not necessarily be the same because there are differences in lots/dyes. even though the color code is the same.

Always visit our shop, there are always interesting promotions every month too, and also knitting competitions with always attractive prizes.

For the option to choose color, you must write the number code in the buyer's comments at checkout. If not, sorry, sent randomly

Happy Crafting AnekaBenangLovers!!

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