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Knitting Souvenir Book

Knitting Souvenir Book

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Title: Knitting Souvenirs - Various Beautiful and Unique Souvenir Creations from Knitting

Author: Yuniar Wibowo

Publisher: Tiara Aksa

ISBN: 9786029186970

Giving souvenirs at special moments seems to have become a tradition that should not be missed, because by sharing souvenirs we are also sharing happiness.

But to get beautiful souvenirs we don't need to empty our wallets, we can make beautiful souvenirs ourselves like the ones in this book, because the book also includes patterns and a photo gallery of souvenirs.

Just with Hakken and knitting thread we can get it. We can adjust various shapes and colors to suit the theme of our event. It's easy, right? So immediately you can get creative in making beautiful souvenirs of your own creation.

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